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Royal Empire offers you a Colombian Environment that will redefine your outlook on Luxury Partying

We have One Mission

To give you an escape that you’ll never experience anywhere else on Earth. We achieve our mission with every client we serve, and we do it by surrounding you with the Best Accommodations, Conveniences, and Pleasures that money can buy. Our Current Cities Include Cartagena, Medellin, Dubai and Miami.

Immerse in Extravagance

On our excursions, you are not a mere King, Queen, prince, or executive. Here, you are “Don Juan or Queen B” – replete with full access to the most delectable foods, the finest drinks, and beautiful people who love adventure as much as you do.

The Ultimate VIP Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Best International Bachelor Party Destination ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE PARTY PLANNERS

The best marriages on earth are preceded by a weekend of unbridled gratification. International VIP Parties AKA “Team Hangover” is your doorway to pre-marriage decadence.

On this once-in-a-lifetime excursion to paradise, you’ll be free to live NSFW (Not Safe For Work) during every waking moment – and even as you sleep. Throughout your adventure, you’ll have Free and Endless Access to Delectable Foods (All palates will be more than satisfied), your Finest Premium Drinks, and an environment where alluring people outnumber four to one.

By the time your epic experience is finished, we promise you’ll be more than ready for your upcoming life as a married individual.

Decadence Isn’t Just For Bachelor Parties

Not getting married anytime soon? You still deserve to play hard after all your work and accomplishments.

When a fishing trip or a game of golf just isn’t enough, fly away to where you’re free to indulge even your wildest temptations. Team Hangover will make sure you’ll experience the kinds of extravagant gratifications your friends and colleagues only see in the movies. And the pictures you’ll take will earn you legendary status for the rest of your life.

Book Your Adventure Now

For mind-blowing getaways and the best international bachelor party destinations that will give you enough memories to last two lifetimes, book your visit to paradise with us today.


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